WinSplit Revolution


Never lose sight of any of your windows


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Sometimes it may happen that you lose sight of a window you're working with on your desktop, and you can't move it back to where it was. In the worst case, this may even lead to your closing down the application and restarting it, hoping the window will show up in its former position. Now you can solve this problem instantly, without any trouble.

WinSplit Revolution is a small free application for Windows with which you can change the positions of your active window in various ways and for different purposes, from arranging all your windows in a specific way, to finding the window that has mysteriously disappeared from sight.

You can place windows in different locations on your desktop, or just maximize them with a click. You can also create a mosaic of windows, or fuse them to work with them more easily.

All this makes WinSplit Revolution an almost essential tool for those who are used to working with several windows at the same time.
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